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African Students Association (ASA)

African Students Association (ASA) is an association of students from the African Continent, regularly enrolled in Auburn University. Membership is also open to AU faculty, spouses, and friends of African students who share the vision of ASA.

American Indian Association (AAIA)

The Auburn American Indian Association is open to all students who share an interest in Native peoples.

Anthropological Society (AAS)

AAS is an organization that aims to provide students and the Auburn community with information about the discipline of Anthropology and to provide students in the major the resources necessary to further their educational and professional careers.

Art of Living Yoga Club (Yoga Club)

Yoga is a holistic way of energizing and integrating your mind, body and spirit. The practice of yoga has been known for centuries to produce benefits in the areas of health and mental clarity.

Association of Visual Artists (AVA)

AVA is a group dedicated to celebrating the Visual Arts, and to the growth and betterment of artists within our group and in our community.

AU Cappella

The mission of AU Cappella is to perform choral literature at the highest level possible, to serve as ambassadors for Auburn University, for the Auburn University Music Department; and to spread the joy and power of music through the Auburn community.

Auburn Global

Auburn Global is a program that works to bring the best and brightest international students to Auburn University and allows them through academic and social support programs, to have a successful experience as new members of the Auburn Family.

Badminton Club (AUBC)

To provide an opportunity to experience badminton on Auburn University Campus, to improve your playing skills and to meet people who play badminton at Auburn.

Bangladesh Students Organization (BSO)

The main purposes of our organization are to represent Bangladesh and her culture in Auburn University and also to help the new students who come from Bangladesh to study at Auburn University.

Black Graduate and Professional Student Association (BGPSA)

BGPSA was founded in 1994 with the desire to promote an academic and professional organization of young emerging Black scholars. The mission is to advance the scholarly activity of Black students and to improve the conditions of the social environment.

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