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A club associated with the Department of Geology and Geography designed to foster unity between undergraduate students within the program. To explore the natural world through educational field trips and community service.

German Club (AUGC)

We promote German culture and language at Auburn University, and in the Auburn community.

Global Medical Brigades-Auburn University (GMBAU)

GMB is an international movement of students/ medical professionals working with local communities/staff to implement sustainable health systems. We work in under resourced communities in Honduras who would otherwise have limited/no access to healthcare.

Global Tigers Peer Advisory (GTPA)

The purpose of this organization is to bring together returning Auburn Abroad students to assist with a variety of marketing and service projects. Global Tigers Peer Advisory will reach out to new members both before and after they study abroad.

Golden Key International Honour Society (Golden Key)

Golden Key International Honour Society's mission is to build global communities of academic achievers by providing opportunities for individual growth through leadership, career development, networking, and service.

Grace Heritage On Campus (GHOC)

Grace Heritage On Campus exists to discuss sound doctrine and share the gospel through our on-campus fellowship.

Graduate Student Council (GSC)

We are an organization dedicated to advocating for graduate student welfare and promoting graduate student development at Auburn University.