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Welcome to Octane, Auburn's premier car club! All makes and models are welcome, as well as all types of modifications! Stance, horsepower, sound systems, 4x4s, diesels, even stock, we enjoy everything!

Office of Academic Support

Academic Support

Office of Student Involvement (OSI)

The Office of Student Involvement provides programs and services for students who are interested in becoming involved on Auburn's Campus.

Office of Sustainability

Sustainability is about creating a better future. Auburn University's Office of Sustainability is about meeting human needs, now and in the future, in a fair just and equitable way, while protecting and maintaining health ecosystems in perpetuity.

OID Diversity Ambassadors

The Auburn University Diversity Student Ambassador Program is for students that are dedicated to serving and representing the Office of Inclusion and Diversity programs and its mission. OID Ambassadors serves as a liaison for the office.

Omega Delta Phi


Omega Phi Alpha (O Phi A)

Omega Phi Alpha is a co-ed national service sorority. Our three main principles are friendship, leadership, and service.

Omega Psi Phi

Omega Psi Phi

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